Our Simple Philospohy

We are here to care. To care about the moments, the details and all the small wonders that seem so large through a child's eyes. We are here for parents too. Creating a trusted, professional and consistent resource, reliable in every way. We are a strong foundation from which we build knowledge, relationships and self-esteem, always mindful of the power of love and the special magic of having fun. We are here to care.


ABC Daycare and Preschool is an Albuquerque daycare that was established in response to the need for quality childcare in our community. Our centers are concerned with the child's total growth and development. Our programs promote the child's physical development and helps the child become socially competent in relating to adults as well as peers, encourage emotional growth and control. It provides opportunity for the cognitive learning, which are so crucial during the early years. The center is concerned with the development of children's skills. This includes social skills, expressiveness and self-sufficiency, physical skills, gross and fine motor movement, and learning skills – such as ideas, words, color, numbers and problem solving.