6 Weeks - 1 year

Albuquerque infant daycare

Here at ABC Preschool and Daycare we strive to provide a safe, nurturing, healthy and fun environment for your children.

1 year - 2 years

Albuquerque Toddler Childcare
This is an important phase in your child's development. Your child has begun to walk, is more curious than before, and developing speech. Find out about some of the things we do at ABC to stimulate your child's learning.

2 year - 3 years

Albuquerque Preschool
We understand that not every child is the same and we strive to bring personal attention to the developmental needs of each child.

3 year - 4 years

Our curriculum is designed to stimulate and educate your child in each stage of their development. At this stage, your child is learning at a rapid rate.

4 year - 5 years

This is usually a fun time in a parent's life. Their child has developed into his or her own person. Your child's personality is really emerging as they are getting ready for kindergarten.


Before & After school

Albuquerque Before and After School Daycare
Sometimes a parent's work hours do not allow them to be home when their child gets off from school very early. ABC's before and after school day care is the perfect choice for parents who are unable to pick their children.